Our aspiration: Highest quality for you and your products

At REICH, we concentrate on those products and services where we can provide our customers with a great deal of knowledge and flexibility based on many years of experience:

For surface parts and tabletops, optionally in high-quality veneer or noble colored lacquer. With modern robot technology we varnish your products made of wood, glass and sheet metal on the highest level. We demonstrate this with by using latest technology and future-oriented, innovative methods. The proven craftsmanship of our motivated employees ensures continous quality order after order.

At REICH, you will encounter quality right from the start: in the understanding of technical production and processing details as well as in the integration of your order into our processes. This quality will accompany you at REICH - at all levels and in all production stages. Right up to the delivery of the finished products to your premises.
Veneered tabletop

Our Products

High gloss lacquered wall element for exhibition stand.
Non-planar surfaces

For non-flat surfaces and for special parts, we have set up a new, state-of-the-art paint room.

Veneered table tops in segment shape.
Surface parts and tabletops

We finish veneered flat surfaces in our coating line. With a solvent-free varnish that hardens under UV light to form an extremely resistant surface. Rolled several times and spray-painted with robot.

Micro-perforated plate with color coating.
Coloured varnished parts

We produce color-coated parts in an autonomous robotic cell with tray dryer and UV curing in short lead times (Video).

CNC machining of workpiece in CNC machining center.

Client references

Discretion is also part of the business for us. Not every customer wants to disclose where he gets his high-quality materials. Our quality and reliability are trusted by good names such as:


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Kalppe für Elektrifizierung, durchlaufendes Furnierbild, Haarfuge.

Simply best quality

We carry out all production steps ourselves, from cutting the veneer to the finished varnish. We also manufacture to order, so you have the guarantee that all surfaces of a commission match each other perfectly in terms of veneer and color. And because we document all production steps precisely, suitable subsequent deliveries are also possible.

Modern, CNC-controlled machines ensure fast, exact results for all shapes and at the same time permit a large number of special machining operations. But despite all automation: only the grown knowledge of the subtleties of the material wood and the expert knowledge of our experienced carpenters makes the difference. And the fact that, in addition to expertise, they also put their hearts into their work.

At REICH you will meet experts with whom you can develop or further develop successful products. At REICH, the surface finishing of our surface parts is of particular importance. Because this is where we create what REICH surfaces are widely known for: the convincing appearance, the velvety feel and at the same time the robust protective coating of our surface parts. The very special REICH finish is what makes REICH surfaces so special.

Service at its finest

At REICH, you not only get flawless surface parts, but also the organizational and logistical support you need for your success on the market today. And that from the very beginning.

We do everything we can to fit seamlessly and flexibly into your manufacturing and delivery processes. In the end, you could almost forget taht you are working with a supplier at all.
Label for identification of workpieces for quality assurance (QA) and product identification in the supply chain.